VWA Architects is a small professional practice which is based in Durban North. Inspired by design and the art of space making. VWA architects specialise in high end residential architecture and interiors. Our team engages in each of our client’s needs and creates spaces which fulfils the brief, enhances their lifestyles and adds to the urban environment.  We combine all influencing factors of a project to produce unique and high quality contemporary architecture that meets the demands of our clients. Our design ethos is focused on the balance of proportions and the use of innovative details to produce timeless architectural forms. Our creativity and focus does not end with the proportions of the exterior but is translated into the internal spaces to create a unified design between internal and external, resulting in a harmonious spatial experience.

Our practice is a small team of dynamic and energised professionals equipped with knowledge and experience which forms a concise project team to provide the highest level of detail and design in your architectural undertaking. We encourage open communication and incorporate this into every stage of the design so that the client is aware and informed. Through this we provide the client with an architectural journey that is based on creativity, experience and personalisation.